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The acceptance letters for colleges are arriving and a decision may or may not have been made on attendance. But now what? There are several things that need to be done at this point, some by the student, some by parents. Many are a joint effort.

1. Complete a FAFSA- All financial aid, including grants, student loans and even work-study opportunities stem from this form. You can select as many as 10 schools to receive and many schools like to receive this information by March 15th.

2. Apply for scholarships- This is largely a student responsibility as many ask for essays or personal statements. However, some of those based on financial need as well as academic merit may ask for parent tax forms, etc.

3. Commitment and Housing-If the student has made a decision on attendance and will be living on campus, be aware of deadlines for submitting deposits to secure registration and a room on campus.

Although senior graduation isn’t far off, much of this year is consumed with getting ready for the road ahead. With careful planning, it can be a relatively smooth trip.

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