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There have been requests made by districts and schools in recent years to have students assessed regarding college even before entering high school. Their concern was to have some measure as to whether students approaching 9th grade were being prepared properly for high school curriculum leading to college readiness. Enter ReadiStep by College Board (similar product offered by administrators of the ACT, called Explore).

It’s not a new model of stair- stepper exercise equipment. ReadiStep is a two-hour multiple choice test created from college-readiness standards that represent rigorous academic content matter. Some see it as a scaled down version of the PSAT, containing 1 section of each of the following: critical reading, writng and math. The test was made available in the fall of 2009 for initial administration.

As with any new concept, there are pros and cons being voiced. Some say it’s a good idea to have early benchmarks to work with so that the most can be made of the high school years in preparing students for college. Others debate that more emphasis should be put on classroom assessments instead of what they call “snapshot” tests. Whatever the case, most would agree on one account: Any investment in furthering the education of students who will be our future is a worthwhile cause.

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