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Hands upThe first marking period or first trimester of the school year is over or soon will be. Your child’s performance isn’t what you expected. Is it possible that a traditional school isn’t the best setting for him/her right now? Sure, but what other options are there?

Don’t despair, you do have choices. According to a Department of Education Enrollment report, issued by the State of Delaware in 2006-2007, 18.5% of all students attended nonpublic schools. This includes religious-affiliated and independent schools. Let’s look at three types of schools, as defined by Answers.com:

  • Alternative: school that is nontraditional, especially in educational ideas, methods of teaching or curriculum
  • Homeschool: An educational program outside of established schools, especially in the home
  • Private: A secondary or elementary school run and supported by private individuals or a corporation rather than by a government or public agency

Back to Basics Learning Dynamics, Inc.’s private school combines qualities from all three of these school types. With regards to alternative, our method of teaching and curriculum are unique. Our teaching is done 1-on-1 instead of in the context of a large classroom population. While following required standards, curriculum for each student is based on his or her individual needs and levels. In addition, students are taught and assessed in ways they can be successful.

We incorporate homeschool ideology in that we assist parents in educating their own children by offering full or supplemental schooling options. Homeschool parents can choose to have Back to Basics teach their children the core subjects plus electives or any combination thereof. As a private school, we are run, supported and backed by a corporation as opposed to a government agency. Our 1-on-1 setting provides the atmosphere of a private school with low enrollment and individual attention.

For more information, please visit Back to Basics website at http://www.BacktoBasicsLearning.com

Back to Basics has been recognized as the area’s undisputed leader in one-on-one tutoring. In addition, the firm offers a unique Delaware private school for all grades. Back to Basics is the 2010 Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics.

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