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GS8Q2CABR1E8ZCAZH78INCACNSQ48CATSYK9QCAZWKAD1CAVUIMUQCA4OLT45CAXS9RL4CAYZ6SYOCAS5PBBDCALUKXRCCA6HMA6TCA9YLT24CA4IEJAOCAM4T4URCAMO9WSFCAXQUZLACA0FFRJMThe start of a new school year brings many adjustments and challenges, especially for high school seniors. They have the added responsibility of deciding about their upcoming future. For many, this means a college education which in turn means college applications. Timing is important for meeting deadlines. Different colleges and universities have different admissions processes. If your senior would like to apply and have a decision made before the typical spring notifications, there are a couple of options. But be advised. It is important to understand the regulations that accompany each.

Two of the early application procedures available are early action and early decision. Here are some of the important features of both.

EARLY ACTION-With early action, if you are accepted to a college, you can accept immediately or wait until the spring. You may also apply to other colleges using early action. This is NOT a binding contract.

EARLY DECISION-With early decision, you agree to go to this particular college if accepted and if its financial aid package is adequate. You may not apply to other colleges using early decision, however you may apply via the regular application process. If you are accepted to your first choice school early, you are required to withdraw any other applications you may have submitted. This IS a binding contract.

No matter what process you choose for admission, whether it’s one mentioned above or rolling or regular admission, an online or hard copy application will be required. Many of these include essays. This is the one section of the application which is usually under your control. Make it the best it can be!

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