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We all liked extra credit in school. It was an opportunity to improve whatever grades we received on tests or for a class. That same potential for improvement exists when it comes to “extra” high school credits as well. Here’s how.

The national average for high school credits earned is 26. Currently, in Delaware, the minimum number of credits required to graduate is 22. This is, as you can see, below the previously stated average. Students may not be viewed as equally competitive for college acceptance with a lower number of credits. Even with plans to increase the minimum to 24 by adding mandatory world language credits for 2011-2012 freshman, Delaware still falls short. Back to Basics can help! (More detailed information on graduation requirements can be found on the DE Dept of Education website under “students and families.”)

Back to Basics offers state-approved courses for original high school credit. This means that a student can take a 1-on-1 course not taken before and receive credit. The student’s school needs to acknowledge that it will accept credit for the course taken. Number of hours required and a syllabus showing material to be covered should be provided, as well as a text, if possible. Upon completion of the course, a report will be issued to the school stating hours of instruction, topics covered and grade earned.

Course loads for the school year can be lightened or transcripts enhanced by obtaining extra credits. This can definitely improve a student’s chance of getting into the college of their choice. Don’t wait. Contact Back to Basics now to find out more about this great opportunity!

For 25 years, Back to Basics has been recognized as the area’s undisputed leader in one-on-one tutoring. In addition, the firm offers a unique Delaware private school for grades K-12 and a Private Business and Trade School for adults. Back to Basics is the 2010 Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics.

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