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The day has finally arrived. The class ring is placed on the other hand and faces out for all the world to see. The tassel has been moved to the other side of the cap and then…the mortarboards go flying!!! But what happens now?

For many, the next step is the standard, four year college. This is a good choice given that graduates with a B.A. or B.S. degree are usually in high demand with employers and often earn more than non-graduates. Even if one is not sure of his/her career path upon entrance, many schools will let one enter as “undeclared.” By doing this a student can explore options and take required courses that are necessary regardless of the major that’s eventually chosen. There are other ways, however, to further education that may be a better fit for some.

Technical and Community Colleges- These schools usually require only two years of instruction to obtain an A.A. or A.S. Often a student can transfer to a four year college and receive credit for two years after obtaining these degrees. Classes can be taken at night for those who wish to work during the day in order to save money for further education or just for meeting everyday expenses.

Professional Schools-These include nursing, computer sciences, music and culinary schools. A student who is certain of their career choice may enter one of these and receive targeted instruction from the beginning.

Apprenticeship Programs- These programs are a combination of classwork and hands-on training. They are implemented for such fields as carpentry, plumbing, and electrical work.

U.S. Military- ROTC college programs, military academies and direct enlistment are some options associated with the military. While receiving training in a particular field, you can earn money to further your education. Some instances require that you commit time to the armed forces after graduating.

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