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Anticipating the first day of school can create some anxious times and jitters…and not just for the student! It’s a giant milestone for parents as well, especially if it’s an oldest or only child starting their journey. There are ways for both you and your child to cope and one word that is key is “together.” Sharing the experience side by side can smooth the bumps and make the event fun and exciting. Here are some steps to lead you in the right direction.

Talk-Converse with your child about behavior expected at school and respect for the teacher. Make sure she understands that you are not sending her away for good and she will be coming home to you.

What to Expect-Find out the routine for your child’s school day then explain to him what will happen and the flow of the day.

Have Fun Shopping-Try to stay on a budget but buy fun things for that first day like folders with favorite characters.

What Happened Today?-Ask about your child’s day and what he did. Don’t settle for “fine” or “OK”. Show him that you are interested. Ask questions that require a short answer, not just yes or no.

Here are some other helpful hints:

Buy a properly fitting backpack. If it sags, it’s too big.

Read newsletters in their entirety to keep well informed.

Make regular visits to the library to instill good reading habits at an early age.

Let your child see you read. You are a role model and will be imitated.

With a little preparation, both you and your child may handle the first day of school better than you think.

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