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The simplistic definition of executive functioning is basically how we mentally steer through life. This theory has come about over the past 20 years. It has seen an increase in interest among those who treat individuals with cognitive disabilities, including, but not limited to learning difficulties and ADD/ADHD. A more professional definition of executive functioning, as put forth by researchers, psychologists and other experts is this. It is putting in place, tracking, evaluating and adapting different strategies in order to accomplish different tasks. It necessitates the ability to analyze, plan, focus and hold attention and adjust accordingly to get a job done. it is believed that there are six cognitive clusters involved in executive functioning. They are:

  • Activating
  • Focusing
  • Putting forth effort
  • Emotional management
  • Memory skills
  • Action

Children who suffer from dysfunctional executive functioning have a less than smooth road to accomplishing successful results when their cognitive functions interact. Below are some functions used and a sign that your child may have a problem in that area.

  • Memory and recall-When finishing a reading passage, your child forgets key points from the material
  • Organizing-Your child can not outline for an essay or report
  • Focusing-Your child can not stay on task and is easily distracted
  • Time Management- Student does not pace herself properly and set milestones in order to complete a project from beginning to end
  • Managing frustration- Student is frustrated or angry when she needs to change gears or tasks

If your child has difficulty in any of these areas, give Back to Basics a call or visit our website. Our study skills instruction, offered in both a small group setting and as 1-on-1, addresses many of these issues and can assist your child with these important academic skills. Techniques covered in our study skills sessions include time management, goal setting, organization, note taking, test taking strategies and more. We also provide 1-on-1 academic coaching to address these needs. Don’t wait. Contact us today and help your child face the next school year confident and prepared!

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