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1. Consider your Child and Family

Child’s Needs-Does your child need special attention due to learning difficulties or other concerns?

Learning Style-How does your child learn best? Is he an auditory, tactile or visual learner?

Location-Where is the school located regarding home, siblings’ schools and extracurricular activity locations?

Class Size

2. Gather Information

Curriculum-Is there a special focus or theme to the curriculum? Are Honors and AP courses offered?

Approach to Learning-What approach does the administration take in teaching students? Is it hands- on, text-based or other?

Academic Performance-How do test scores compare to those of other schools? Has there been a rise or decline in these scores over the past few years? What is the school’s “report card?”

Behavior Policy-How does the school handle discipline?

Is there a dress code?

3. Visit and Observe Schools

Principal-What is the principal’s philosophy as head of the institution?

Teachers-How do the teachers relate to and interact with the students?

Parent/Community Involvement-Is there a supportive group of parents and community volunteers that are willing to help the school with events and activities?

Reputation-How is the school regarded by the community? How is it viewed by other parents?

4. Apply to Schools

Select-Choose one or more schools to apply to based on the information you’ve collected.

Deadlines-Submit proper paperwork on time and make sure it’s complete.

Follow Up-Be sure to follow up, giving a reasonable amount of time for information to be received. Check on status of application and ask for an estimate of when you can expect to hear about acceptance.

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