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For some of us, the end of summer is a sad occasion. We not only have to physically adjust to new schedules but have to mentally accept certain facts. There will soon be no more sandy beach and ocean waves, crystal clear pools and the alarm clock will have to soon be used again. But a positive and planned approach to the new school year can have you looking forward to this upcoming event. Here are some tips to help your family get back on track for school:

  • Adjust to a New Routine
  • Start moving bedtime back a few weeks before school starts. The body needs to adjust.
  • Don’t plan big trips or vacations right before school starts.
  • Establish concrete weekday schedules to allow for homework, TV, meal and bedtimes.
  • Ease anxiety. If your child is nervous about moving on to the next grade, assure him that the other students are doing the same thing.

For a younger student, books may help make the transition smoother. Some suggestions are:

  • The Berenstain Bears Go to School
  • Arthur’s Teacher Trouble
  • Clifford’s First School Day
  • Amelia Bedelia Goes Back to School
  • It’s Back to School We Go!

Get Organized

  • Complete paperwork and school forms several days prior to due date. You’ll avoid last minute panic this way.
  • Update emergency contact and health info for coming year.
  • Start a folder for important papers that come home for easy reference later.
  • Mark important dates on the calendar as you are made aware of them.
  • Shopping
    Be sure to have a ready supply of general school supplies at home, as well as basic “project” supplies. This prevents late night trips to the store the night before an assignment is due.


  • Sort through clothing for items that no longer fit.
  • Buy tops, skirts and pants that adhere to the dress code and are free of unacceptable wording.
  • Shoes should also be within school policy and be comfortable for walking between classes, the bus stop or to and from school.


  • Make sure your child eats breakfast, including a protein. This helps fuel the brain. And high fiber helps keep your child full longer.
  • Provide alternatives to high fat, high calorie snacks, such as fruit or nuts. 1% milk , water or 100% juice are great beverage alternatives.

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