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Our award winning model for 1:1 tutoring has supported student success for over 35+ years and we have the results to prove it.

We are offering several options for the 2022-2023 school year:



Help your child stay focused and on track with your school’s education program. One of our highly skilled tutors will work with your child remotely via zoom to help them stay organized and work on their current academic needs. Whether it’s homework, projects, or specific subject assistance, we can help.



You’ve made your choice to homeschool your child—-now back to basics can help. Our staff can guide you in executing your chosen curriculum by providing tutoring and skill-building support for your homeschooled student. Delaware high school students can also enroll in coursework at Back to Basics for original credit.



Since 1985, we’ve been helping students of all ages through our elite educational services. Our staff is committed to continuing our mission of excellence with 1-on-1 tutoring, building an individualized plan for the student’s needs, and working together as a team to meet safety guidelines. “Explore our services”.


Augustine Hills School’s mission is to educate students in a 1:1 atmosphere that provides individualized attention and offers an alternative to traditional school settings. We’ll explore online, in-person, or hybrid learning options to customize an individualized plan for your child to progress towards learning goals and success.  “Visit the AHS site to learn more”.

Contact us to design a path to success in the upcoming school year.

Tutor Highlight: Elise Hudson

Back to Basics works with tutors locally and across the country. Before the pandemic, much of the tutoring happened at the Back to Basics building or at a student’s house. Now, we are open for tutoring and also offer remote options. Having a tutor can be a vital tool...

How to stop mothering your child and why it starts earlier than you think

How to stop mothering your child and why it starts earlier than you think I'll never forget sitting at back-to-school night for my 1st grader. He was in a new school, he loved it, and this was our first real view of the classroom and the school. That evening we all...

Has your Child Graduated to Adulthood?

Has your Child Graduated to Adulthood? I'm a mom of 4, married for 24 years, and have four young adults. Last year I would've said I'm a mom of 4 children, but after this past year, my children have proven they are no longer teens or children; they have graduated to...

Why does Arts Education Matter?

Why does Arts Education Matter? Every student learns in their own way and at their own pace. Natural talents begin to reveal themselves as they do, so, too, do areas in which more help may be needed.  Individualized attention is an essential precursor to addressing...

How Parents Can Help Their Children’s Mental Health

How Parents Can Help Their Children’s Mental Health  It can be hard to start a conversation about mental health with your child. As parents, one of our key jobs is helping our children grow, both mentally and physically. Part of that job is teaching our children the...

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Students of all ages know that a solid education is the first step to a life filled with success. At Back to Basics Learning Dynamics, we’ve been helping students on that journey since 1985. We may be best know for private tutoring in Delaware, but we also provide educational consulting, services for state agencies and businesses, translating and interpreting, professional development, and employee training. Our specialty is designing a custom fit for your organization’s educational programs.

Back to Basics serves all students—from those who simply need some academic support, to those who face learning disabilities, ADHD, visual or hearing impairments, or other challenges. We also provide tutoring and test prep in Delaware, Maryland, and southeast PA, and educational services through contracts with districts, schools and the state of Delaware.

If you need tutoring or educational services— at a school, at a business, or in your home— Back to Basics is the answer.

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Parents + Students

We’ve been a leader in 1-on-1 learning and tutoring since 1985. Learn how we can support you.

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State Agencies

Delaware state agencies rely on our experience and reputation.

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Adult Education

We serve the educational needs of all learners, regardless of age or purpose.

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Augustine Hills School

If your child is struggling at school, you don’t need a short-term fix. You need a lasting solution. 

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Translating + Interpreting

Our interpreting and translating professionals are available in more than 21 languages for assignments of any size.


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