• Make that reach college a reality with 1-on-1 SAT and ACT Test Prep!
    Make that reach college a reality with 1-on-1 SAT and ACT Test Prep!

We offer 125+ educational services. Which is right for you?

As the area’s most comprehensive provider of educational services since 1985, we have helped students ages 3 to 103 succeed. And, we can help your student, too.

Our commitment to a 1-on-1 teaching method sets Back to Basics apart! We pair one tutor and one student, carefully matching teaching and learning styles. This method is a proven way to increase confidence, boost self-esteem, improve academic success and encourage a love of learning. 20,000 students agree. Back to Basics changes lives… every day.

Back to Basics serves all students – from those who simply need some academic support to those who are learning disabled, hearing or visually impaired, ADHD, Asperger’s, or gifted. We also provide educational services through contracts with districts, schools and the State of Delaware.

Need an educational service? We have it! Back to Basics offers 1-on-1 tutoring in 60+ subjects, professional development, translating and interpreting in 21 languages, speech therapy, occupational therapy, behavior specialists, reading specialists, paras, ELL services, homebound services, RTI support, psycho-educational testing and test prep. We also offer summer school and educational summer camps, original credit and credit recovery and unique enrichment options. Plus, Back to Basics Private School is Delaware’s only Department of Education approved 1-on-1 Private School for K-12.
 Back to Basics Learning Dynamics can help.
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