The office staff at Back to Basics is here to help! To find the right person, please see below. Due to limited space, individual tutors, translators and interpreters are not listed here. Please call 302-594-0754 for more information.

Beverly L. Stewart, President / Director
302-594-0754 x200  

  • Client testing inquiries

Jeanine Stidham, Assistant Director
302-594-0754 x102  

  • Finance Manager
  • Client billing matters
  • Accounts payable and accounts receivable
  • Title 1 Coordinator

Phyllis Collins, Human Resources / Title I Assistant
302-594-0754 x106  

  • Schedule interviews
  • New hire orientation

Angie Carbine, Client Specialist / Tutor Manager
302-594-0754 x105  

  • Placements for Pre-K – 12th, Homebound, Private School, and Adults
  • Private schooling inquiries
  • Homebound Coordinator
  • Questions and concerns for enrolled clients

Tammy Ford, Private School Coordinator / Client Sales
302-594-0754 x108  

Paola Nogueras, Translating Coordinator

Erin Brenner, Assistant Education Director
302-594-0754 x110 

Susan McNeill, Marketing, PR, Recruiting

Marianne DiCugno, Administrative Assistant
302-594-0754 x100  

  • Client schedule changes and cancellations
  • Schedule client testing
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