Back to Basics Expands Personalized Professional Development Programs for Delaware Educators and Administrators 

Delaware Professional Development for Teachers and AdministratorsBack to Basics Learning Dynamics has recently expanded its Professional Development Programs for educators, staff and administrators in Delaware. Each of the programs is custom-designed to meet the unique, stated needs of each school.

“Teachers and administrators know that in order to maximize effectiveness in the classroom, individualized professional development is vital,” explains Back to Basics Director Beverly Stewart, M.Ed. “Our programs help education professionals stay abreast of the latest developments in methodology, curriculum, and social/emotional wellness.”

Back to Basics’ programs not only fulfill Delaware state requirements for professional development clock hours, they go far beyond standard, pre-packaged lecture-style classes. …

Kinesthetic learning, the Maker Movement, and some local inspiration for kids of all ages!

The kinesthetic student learns by doing. This student is often labeled a fidgeter and is generally not successful when long stretches of quiet time or listening are required. By recognizing and understanding your child’s dominant learning style, you can implement the strategies that will truly help him learn faster, retain more information, and generally feel more confident about school.

Traditionally, schools have undervalued kinesthetic learning. Kinesthetic learning (or tactile learning) is a learning style in which takes place by the students carrying out physical activities, rather than listening to a lecture or watching demonstrations. Educators around the country, however, are …

Helping Delaware students succeed! Every Student Succeeds Act state plan is complete

The Delaware Department of Education (DDOE) has just released updates to the final draft of its Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) state plan. The comprehensive final draft includes feedback from two previous drafts during months of public input, including community conversations across the state, discussion groups, the Governor’s ESSA Advisory Committee, online surveys and stakeholder meetings including prominent education experts such as Back to Basics Founder Beverly Stewart, M.Ed.
What does the new ESSA Plan mean for Delaware students?
Unlike the No Child Left Behind law that it replaces, the Every Student Succeeds Act allows for more flexibility in how

The Back to Basics “Reading is Basic Program” for Delaware Title 1 students marks 7th anniversary

In March 2011, Back to Basics launched its “Reading is Basic” program, with a modest goal to help Title 1 students across New Castle County, Delaware. Seven years later, the program has reached hundreds of students of all ages and provided thousands of books, free of charge.

The Reading is Basic program operates on a simple and well documented premise: all children should have a home that is a literature-rich environment. “According to research, children who live in literature-rich environments and who are read to during the first years of life are more likely to learn to read on schedule,” …

When you learn more, you earn more. Top 4 tips for career changers

According to a recent Huffington Post article, it’s never too late to change your career. The piece highlighted 13 iconic individuals, with careers that each took a 180 turn – sometimes several – before ultimately finding success and career satisfaction.

For example did you know that before “the mouse” Walt Disney was a newspaper editor?  Comedienne Ellen Degeneres worked as a paralegal. And opera superstar Andrea Bocelli was a defense attorney. Each of these now well-known names made the courageous leap to leave a steady job and pursue a career that they loved and that offered personal fulfillment.

So, is …