Educational opportunities and life choices for high school graduates in Delaware

The day has finally arrived. The class ring is placed on the other hand and faces out for all the world to see. The tassel has been moved to the other side of the cap and then…the mortarboards go flying!!! But what happens now?

For many, the next step is the standard, four year college. This is a good choice given that graduates with a B.A. or B.S. degree are usually in high demand with employers and often earn more than non-graduates. Even if one is not sure of his/her career path upon entrance, many schools will let one enter …

Put summer to rest! Back to school tips for a smooth transition

Ease some of your stress for the next school year with some simple pre-planning so you can enjoy more of your summer. Here are some tips to do so.

Check to see if your child needs a physical for this coming school year. Some schools require exams for certain years and fall sports will definitely require them. Call now. The doctors’ schedules tend to fill up quickly and you may not get your child in.

See if your child will be recommended for or required to take summer school. Back to Basics is a state-approved summer school, 1-on-1, where students …

Our top tips for taking standardized tests

Chances are good that your child will be taking one form or another standardized test during the school year. Whether it be DSTP, Terra-Nova, SATs, or general placement tests, this situation is bound to arise at least once. Here are some tips to help your child get ready.

If your child seems nervous or anxious, ask the teacher for some relaxation tips or implement some that you already know.

Try not to plan any appointments on testing days and make sure your child is present. Having to deal with make up dates can be stressful.

Tell your child to listen …

How to choose the right school for your child

1. Consider your Child and Family

Child’s Needs-Does your child need special attention due to learning difficulties or other concerns?

Learning Style-How does your child learn best? Is he an auditory, tactile or visual learner?

Location-Where is the school located regarding home, siblings’ schools and extracurricular activity locations?

Class Size

2. Gather Information

Curriculum-Is there a special focus or theme to the curriculum? Are Honors and AP courses offered?

Approach to Learning-What approach does the administration take in teaching students? Is it hands- on, text-based or other?

Academic Performance-How do test scores compare to those of other schools? Has there …

How to survive the college application process

The words “college applications” can bring anxiety and uncertainty to even the most level- headed, eve-tempered individuals, parents and students alike. However, if you understand some of the processes involved and heed deadlines, this task can be manageable and exciting, which it should be. Below we have provided some of the categories by which a student may apply.

Rolling Admissions- This process allows students to apply to a school during a large window of time. It is used by many colleges and universities. The time period is usually more than six months and some schools do not even have an …