Despite budget cuts in Delaware education, students poised to succeed

by Beverly Stewart, M.Ed.

This article was originally printed in the Community News, January 2010:

“It’s impossible pick up a newspaper these days without reading doom and gloom about the state of the economy. And while its effects are being felt all over the country, it’s especially true here in Delaware. According to a recent Delaware Business Ledger article (January 3, 2010), “Delaware is likely to see a shrinking economy well into 2010. Delaware is being weighed down by an increase in unemployment claims [currently 8.5%] and a decrease in building permits.”

The trickle down effect of the national economy …

Middle School and High School Teachers Needed

BTB LogoBack to Basics, the largest privately-owned, full-service educational facility in the tri-state area, is currently interviewing applicants for several key positions including Middle School Math and Reading Specialists and High School English and Math Specialists for Tuesday/Thursday afternoon instruction from approximately 2:00 – 4:00. Applicants must possess a minimum of 2 years relevant teaching or tutoring experience.

Since 1985, the tutors at Back to Basics have been helping students reach their full academic potential. The firm works with remedial, special education, and enrichment students and offers instruction in more than 60 subjects. Back to Basics employs 90 tutors, all of …

In Delaware, college assessment readiness begins in 8th grade?

There have been requests made by districts and schools in recent years to have students assessed regarding college even before entering high school. Their concern was to have some measure as to whether students approaching 9th grade were being prepared properly for high school curriculum leading to college readiness. Enter ReadiStep by College Board (similar product offered by administrators of the ACT, called Explore).

It’s not a new model of stair- stepper exercise equipment. ReadiStep is a two-hour multiple choice test created from college-readiness standards that represent rigorous academic content matter. Some see it as a scaled down version of …

University of Delaware Alumni Spotlight on education expert Beverly Stewart

Compressed - Beverly By CarThe following is an excerpt from a recent interview and article on outstanding University of Delaware alums, including Beverly Stewart, ’79 and ’85. To read the article in its entirety and to see the other 9 outstanding graduates, please visit University of Delaware Career Services Center

“Describe your current position and what led to your job.

I am currently the President/Director of Back to Basics Learning Dynamics, Inc. I began my tutoring company and private school in 1985 after leaving classroom teaching. I felt a very strong need to tutor and teach 1-on-1 so that I could reach every student.

Tips for handling your student’s mid-year school change

Locker girl compressedIs your child in the right school? Perhaps you’ve seen signs throughout the early months of the school year that made you question this issue. However, you decided to wait before making a change, thinking your child may be readjusting from “summer” mode. Or maybe he/she started at a new school and a transition period was in order.

Now that we are almost midway through the year, if you are still questioning your child’s placement, this is a perfect time to reconsider. Evaluate and assess the situation, getting feedback from your child, teachers, administration, and maybe an Educational Consultant. If …