Read to succeed … and your kids will, too!

1. Be a role model.
If your child sees you read, he will be more encouraged to do the same.
2. Get a magazine subscription.
Children love to get things in the mail in their name.It’s special and they usually can’t wait for the next edition.
3. If your child sees a movie she really likes, get the book about it.
Usually books have more detail and add to the story line.
4. Get a riddle or joke book.
Some children simply do not like to read. Keep a riddle or joke book handy for car rides. Let your child …

Explore our nation’s beginnings in historic Delaware

There are many things we take for granted on a day-to- day basis. Having a place to live, food on the table, choice of education, occupation and religion are just a few. We are more fortunate than many others who have little. Take time this summer to explore with the family some of the sites and events that resulted in our country’s freedom. Visit the local library to read up on some history. Plan some day trips to the New Castle Court House Museum, John Dickinson Plantation and Cooch’s Bridge, all in Delaware or Declaration House and Franklin Court in …